BORN 17.02.2010

Windläufer Weise Waltzer


b&t, HD A,

Eyes Clear 5yo.
Missing 2 x P1
no vacc. reactions


mt +78p. secure to shot


Of Leijliden Ivo Nikkolo


b&t, HD B, Eyes Clear 8,5yo.
mt +143p. secure to shot

Clefell's Luxury

b&t, HD A, ED 0, Eyes Clear at

mt +138 secure to shot

FI CH Of Leijliden Zernatto
b&t, HD C, Eyes Clear 4yo.

Of Leijliden Rumba

red, HD B, no Eye result

NO CH Pinbas Nero
b&t, HD?, Eyes ?, MH with shots 5

C.I.B. Clefell's Emerald Empress
red, HD A, Eyes Clear 7 yo.

FI CH Yarracitta Ketschuppibaby

3rd gen. crossbred

red, HD A,

Eyes Clear 5yo.
Missing 2 x P4
no vacc. reactions

mt +138p. disposed to shot
MH shots 4

C.I.B. Multi CH Aron Arming Harmony Star


red, HD A, Eyes HC 3yo.
mt -16p. unfamiliar with shots

Yarracitta Nöpölöppönen
2nd gen. crossbred


red, HD A, Eyes Clear 10yo.

mt +90 secure to shot

Bady Darling Z Cyklonu Silesia
HD 0

C.I.B. Riana Rhapsody Rozarka
red, HD ?, Eyes ?

FI CH Fundora's Charmat
red, HD B, Eyes Clear 8yo.

mt +100 secure to shot

Yarracitta Oiolenkaunokki  F1 crossbred
red rough coat, HD A, Eyes Clear 9yo.

See more specific pedigree info at German Pinscher Global Database here ,
and Finnish kennel Club's official data for the litter here .

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