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Sijoituskotia etsii Norjassa 8.2. syntynyt narttupentu. Luovutus noin 8vko iässä.

Emä on kasvattini Amsterdam JW-13 DkV-14 No & Dk & Lt MVA Megamagee Cradle Of Love "Kerttu" HD A silmät OK (mRD), isä Multivalio Rattenjäger Karat24 HD-A silmät OK.


Normaalilla Kennelliiton sijoitussopimuksella (1 pentue / 4v + vakuusmaksu)


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Fiksi, Megamagee Friggin' Awesome
at her first Puppy Show:
Best Of Breed Puppy, Best Of Group-3

Congrats Ane!


RIP Ruusa, Megamagee Rachel Flame.


RIP Miisa, Rattenjäger Minne Für Megamagee.

Year 2017

During 2017 Megamagee dogs had many memorable moments, including our F-litter that was born in August to Yarracitta Dyyris Dryffeli, sired by Megamagee Legato Lungo. Litter had 3 puppies. Thank you Niina for the best co-operation as a breeding rights bitch-owner and best of luck with your own breeding plans with Jaki in the future!

To mention some others - we are extremely PROUD of Jenna Meriläinen with her dogs Lenni, Megamagee Lars Ulrich and Hessu, Megamagee Björn Gelotte: Jenna & Lenni for gaining the RTK-1 title from Rally-obedience and Jenna & Hessu for getting the Pinscher Club's agility championship for non-competing pairs.


Also Cornelia Raßler with Megamagee Borders-And-Shading for German PSK's Jahressieger-17 title and Best InShow-3 placing at this honorable show.

And Ane Bråten with Megamagee Legato Lungo for continuous good job at the shows - couple Group placements and added again one new title, Slovenian Champion to Flaksi's name!


LENNI - Megamagee Lars Ulrich at Rally Obedience  Novice class 97/100 points, 3rd place and titled RTK-1
Owner-handler Jenna Meriläinen, big congrats!


Photo: Jenna Meriläinen


On Saturday 16th Dec. I flew to Germany to take Naku, Megamagee Flames 'N Fury to his new home at kennel Bäretriewer's. Cornelia I wish you all the best with the little man!

So now the house is empty from puppies again, and we start to wait for Dhalma's heat and Yarracitta-litter to be born in our home next year. You can read more about the facts of this planned F1-litter here.

Photo: Martin Stikbakke


Ane & Martin came from Norway to get their girl Fiksi, Megamagee Friggin' Awesome to home with them. They had the litter's sire Flaks, Megamagee Legato Lungo and grandsire Stretto, Magleddies Mostawesome with them. Was nice to meet the whole gang, and also Heidi came to visit too with her dog, litter's granddam Lisa, Megamagee Meliza Muflone. Altough the weather was horrible we had such a nice time meeting each other. Thank you for coming guys, and Ane & Martin have fun with your new pupper!

Photos: Martin Stikbakke

That's all folks!

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