Hi there!

I am 30-something newly graduated Layout Producer.

I live in Pornainen, in the middle of forests and fields, a real countryside but still near Finland's capital, Helsinki.

Most of my life I have been involved with all kinds of animals; horses, birds, dogs, rodents, cats, sheeps and now also reptiles – I find all animals interesting.

I have, in a sense, always been a breeder. As an 8 year old I tried to get my budgerigars to nest. As a 12 years old I bred my first litter of gerbils. That journey with breeding small rodents lasted until I was in my mid 20’s.  It taught me a lot about basic genetics and inheritance.

I received my first crossbred German Pinschers at the age of 20 and got interested in this wonderful crossbreeding project for the benefit of the German Pinscher that Kennel Yarracitta has started. I currently own German Pinschers, a cat, sheeps, chickens and ball pythons.



I have been a member of Finnish German Pinscher Club's Breeding committee for almost 10 years. I was lucky and got invited  in the committee as an auditor 3 years after purchasing my first GP, and after 2-year auditor position I became a secretary for the committee.

I have had a good overview to the breed for last 10 years, compiling statistics for the Breed Club and can say that I have learned much and I hope to continue developing as a breeder and breed hobbyist.


I have bred enough litters to learn that breeding takes much more than "love for the breed". It requires hard work, constant learning, knowledge about genetics, eye for a dog and sometimes hard decisions.

I am a huge book lover and I read very much. I worked several years at book production and actually enjoyed it quite much. Learning the techniques and being responsible for the finished product.


Connected to my hobby, the dogs, I have created and managed my own websites for years and also done websites for some other people, all the way from layout to photo manipulating and to HTML-coding.


So, having the knowledge about the book making process and also web publishing and website managing, I applied to Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute in year 2015 and started my studies to become Layout professional. I graduated in 2017.

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